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Jani Wall 1946 -2015
Jani was an Atlanta Artist, who paints mostly oil on canvas. She paints portraits, landscapes, florals, and seascapes; sometimes from photographs, and sometimes from her vision. She has been painting for 30 years.

Her attention to detail and ability to capture the heart of the subject brings oohs and ahhhs and sometimes credit cards at art shows in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee. In addition to art shows, Jani has the "Purple Door" gallery in Woodstock, Ga. available for scheduled visits.

Jani sees art and painting as a wonderful process of communicating by sharing beauty and emotions of the inspired subjects she paints. When not pursuing the detail of a portrait, her abstracts and music series show Jani's playfulness. From the realism of “LaFittes" to the addition of street life characters, this painting was the inspiration for Jani's much more whimsical music & Mardi Gras series.

Many of her paintings have been professionally reproduced as Giclee prints, printed on canvas and stretched to give the same look as the original. These prints are ready for framing and do not require glass.

Her "rainy blue" series for some, captures emotion on a level that transcends the verbal, and the viewer stands in contemplative silence as do the paintings themselves. Because each "Rainy Blue" reflects personal feelings, no giclee prints are made of these paintings. They are oil on canvas.

Jani's originals are priced to reflect the time, talent and uniquness of each piece. Many of Jani's paintings are also available as reasonably priced giclee prints.

Two of her paintings, "Misty Blue" (a portrait of Saint Louis Cathedral, New Orleans) and "Three Flowers” were professionally printed on linen texture stock. Both prints come in a 16" X 20" and a 5" X 7" format, priced at $25 and $7 respectively. These prints should be matted and framed under glass.

A free Jani coaster will be sent with each order of $50.00 or more, and a Jani bookmark or calendar is free with any purchase.

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